These 4 words and the associated song are so important to me for a number of reasons. I am a Liverpool FC fan and this is our anthem and is sung before every home match and by my fellow fans at other times during matches and beyond. Being at Anfield and singing it along with thousands of other fans is a magical thing every time.

They are also an important message of support and I have realised that they have unconsciously become my ethos and something that I am proud to have become known for. I have seen on so many occasions what a difference having just one person believe in you can make and I endeavour to be that person for as many people as I can. Others say I spread myself too thinly and that I am there to a significant degree for people I barely know and others who wouldn’t do the same for me but I don’t do it for it to be reciprocated I do it because it is the right thing to do. I am also blessed to have family and friends who support and care for me so that I never feel alone and I know what a difference that makes to me.

It is an ethos that runs through my business as I will always do what I can for my clients. I always feel privileged that friends and clients show me their most vulnerable sides and share with me many things they have never shared with anyone and I hope they always leave working with me feeling secure and knowing that they will never walk alone.

Today, the 15th April, is a sad day for all Liverpool fans as 30 years ago 96 of our fellow fans went to a football match at the Hillsborough stadium and never came home. Legal proceedings remain ongoing so I can’t go into further detail. However this anthem took on more meaning as the incredible families of the victims fought for justice and acknowledgment of the truth. What they have had to put up with on top of grieving for so many lives cut short is horrendous but they have done it with grace, courage and overwhelming love. They have inspired me continually and made me proud to be a Liverpool fan and I will strive to always stand up for what is wrong and fight for justice where necessary.

I was proud when I worked in the safety department at Fulham FC as I was implementing the legacy of Hillsborough and making sure football fans were safe at matches and went home to their loved ones.

Today, as I do on every anniversary and at lots of other times, I will be thinking of the victims, their families and friends, along with so many others whose lives were also cut short due to the stress of this disaster. You will never walk alone or be forgotten. Rest in peace x

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