In this week where we are bombarded with ideas of love and romance it can be easy to become cynical about the commercialisation of something that should be celebrated every day. However I would like to remind you that even if you are not in a relationship love is all around us and we should embrace that as it really does make the world a better place.

One type of love that affects us for our whole lives is self love. We have all heard the saying if we can’t love ourselves how can anyone else love us yet how many of us put ourselves down and feel unworthy of love and even push those who love us away? I would say quite a lot of us. This is something I work on with a lot of clients and this can include telling yourself daily that you are enough or amazing. I admit it sounds crazy and unlikely to work when you are feeling low however I know from personal experience and from what I have seen with clients that it does work. So I recommend writing I am enough or I am amazing and putting it somewhere you will see it daily, perhaps on the fridge, as a daily reminder on your phone or on the mirror and read it and say it with conviction and let the magic happen.

I also feel it is important to love what you do. Now I know not everyone feels able to do a job that they love and that negativity about work can infiltrate your personal life so I would recommend you fill your free time with things that you love doing. For me it is spending quality time with family and friends. Linked to that is spending time volunteering which is where I have made some of my best friends, like Harry and Ray who I am in touch with every week and see at least once a month at our favourite social club, North London Stories.  I feel volunteering isn’t quite the right term for our catch ups as from the start with the amazing North London Cares it has been about spending time with friends old and new. For the last couple of years I have planned my life around the fun North London Stories where older and younger neighbours in Camden and Islington meet to talk about a topic which might be your favourite piece of music to your best day ever. It is a guaranteed highlight of the month and  I know through attending this club I have improved my health, confidence, sense of community, friendship circle and so much more. Those that know me know how happy this and other volunteering I do make me and I am extremely grateful for the opportunities they have given me and the friends I have met. I tell everyone I meet to volunteer as it really is good for the soul. You can listen to our podcasts which make everyone smile via and you can read my blog post for NLC 

Do let me know how you get on if you start telling yourself you are amazing or volunteering and remember we are all loved by someone and that should always be treasured. I also recommend you go and tell everyone you love what they mean to you as we can all do with a reminder.

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