Feedback from clients

As every person is different identical results cannot be guaranteed, but I am confident you will be writing something similar after we have worked together.


Lois – was looking for help with her anxiety I went to see Emma after many years of living with anxiety, I was apprehensive of hypnosis initially and was nervous going into the session after seeing hypnosis however, as soon as the session began Emma thoroughly explained what the session entailed and answered any questions I had which put me at ease. Emma has a very calming presence which made me feel comfortable and relaxed from the moment the session began.

I was looking for a cure for my anxiety which I had suffered from for around 10+ years, I struggled with socialising, large crowds, eating with people, health anxiety and general anxiety which was having a negative impact on my daily life and preventing me from doing everyday tasks such as going to work, I was also missing out on social events and lacking a zest for life.

I had tried several different therapies and treatments for my anxiety before from CBT, lavender calming tablets, prescription anxiety tablets, mindfulness and every other ‘anxiety cure’ on google! With little or no success from any of these techniques I was losing hope and feeling very down about life. This changed once I met Emma as since our session I have regained my zest for life and feel so free, I now enjoy going out with friends, eating in restaurants, going to work and socialising it was only after my session that I realised how down I really was about life and how much I had been missing out on.

I noticed improvements straight after my session, I felt relived after my session as if I had a finally let go of what was weighing me down, I continued to notice more improvements week on week when listening to the recording of my session every night, after around two weeks of listening to my recording I feel that I was totally freed from my anxiety.

I would recommend Emma and her magical hypnosis to anyone who feels as though they are being held back in life by their thoughts and feelings as you will feel free after just one session.


Anonymous – was looking for help with feeling lost and anxiety 

I first met Emma in the summer of 2018, very much in need of a miracle. Cue the biggest miracle of my 2018. I had become quite an anxious, easily frustrated and ‘lost’ person and was unsure of how to get back on track. I was simply miserable and in need of help. At first it does seem hard to believe that in an hour or so your life will be on its way to back on track; but that’s exactly what happened! The recording that you are given is so useful and nothing short of fantastic. The key to the success of all of this is consistency with listening to your recording. Through listening to it every day for a 3 weeks, my relationships with my family are brilliant and my overall all self-confidence and frustrations seemed to almost disappear. Everyone around me comments on ‘how lovely I am to be around now’. It was quite crazy really how through revisiting the past and then ‘reprogramming the mind’ really does work. Emma is fantastic. So professional, so warm and welcoming and so so effective and good at what she does. Truly trust worthy, there is nobody I would recommend other than Emma. After the session, you will not just be set free to figure it all out by yourself, she is only an email away which is so supportive and really helps if you are struggling afterwards. I am now a much better version of myself. I would have absolutely no hesitation is recommending Emma. It will be the best time and money you will ever spend- and that’s not just a phrase, that is a promise. Be positive and excited about it and you will receive great results.


Anonymous – was looking for help for her traumatised daughter

My daughter saw Emma after a traumatic childhood at the hands of her father left her with anger issues and PTSD. Within just one session she was able to move forward with her life in leaps and bounds and I now have returned to me the most loving, kind and caring daughter. I have got both my daughter back and my life back as I was unable to move forward with my own life all the time my daughter’s issues were prominent. Emma, what you have achieved with my daughter is nothing short of amazing and I will be forever grateful. You have a tremendous gift working with young adults and my daughter now has the chance to embrace life like never before.


Lucy – wanted to be calm for delivering her second child after a traumatic first birth

I was pretty unsure about my options for childbirth for our second baby but was wobbling about every option available owing to a slightly traumatic first birth experience.  I had had a traumatic first c section and I was expecting to have another so I wanted to be ‘ok’ with it should I have to have another one. As pregnancy continued it became more of an issue but I wanted to address it early and give myself plenty of time to get on board with what my options were, even if I wasn’t particularly relaxed about it.

The session with Emma was much more informal and relaxed than I realised it would be and it was great. I had no worries or concerns about it once it started.  I was interested to see what it would be like. It transpired there were a few more issues that I had concerning the overall health and well being of my family that I was fretting about because of an incident with my eldest son, and we worked through that and I felt a lot better that everything would be alright going forward. As a result of the session I was much more comfortable not having a natural birth and having a c section after realising that it could still be a positive experience and that my concerns had been listened to and addressed and that the situation wasn’t out of my control. I would say to anyone considering working with Emma to definitely give it a go, I had a really good experience and felt a lot calmer about everything. I was amazed that it really did work … I wasn’t sure it would but thought I’d try and I wasn’t disappointed!


Marcie – was looking for help with OCD

I had a fear or germs and getting ill which resulted in obsessive hand washing; this affected my everyday life. I heard about Emma through a friend of my sisters and we instantly connected after talking to her through Skype. I felt at ease and comfortable when talking to her which made it easy for me to open up about my OCD issues. I found that Emma’s recordings really helped me get through that difficult time in my life and I felt very relaxed whilst listening to them. It’s nice to know that I can listen to them when I begin to feel anxious in the future.


Amy – was looking for help with anxiety

I decided to try hypnotherapy to help with my anxiety and depression. I had Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) which didn’t help me at all, I found it did make me feel worse and eventually dread going to these sessions.

I was then put on medication to help me. But I didn’t want to be on the tablets so I wanted to try something different to help me. I was recommended to try hypnotherapy so I that’s what I did.

Initially I was feeling very sceptical about having hypnotherapy. I was really not sure what to expect from it and if it would help me at all. I wasn’t really sure how it worked and what would happen in the session. But I was also feeling hopeful that it would help me.

I’m not really sure when I started to have symptoms of anxiety and depression. However I would say it started in my teenage years. However didn’t get diagnosed until my first year of university. I’m not sure what triggered it or why I suffer with it.

My anxiety and depression started to affect my daily living, I started to become too anxious to go out. I would go for a meal with my boyfriend and be unable to eat anything because I was so anxious. This started to affect my relationship with him and also my friends. I didn’t like going shopping or being in crowded places. I would also go through stages of being so low I didn’t want to get out of bed and do anything with my day. It also affected my sleeping and eating. Basically it started to take over my life and I wanted a change.

I found the session very good, it was easy for me to talk about how I was feeling and just say anything that I wanted to without having to explain what I was saying or why I felt that way. It helped me by opening up and talking about subjects that I wouldn’t normally talk to anyone about as I like to keep it all to myself. I just felt free to say anything without feeling judged in any way.

I am now able to go out for meals and enjoy them whereas before I would dread doing them went was really affecting my relationship with my boyfriend. I can go shopping and not have a panic attack while I am out. I can be in crowded places without wanting to leave. I also had to confidence to start a new job and have a positive outlook on the job and on my ability’s rather than being so negative about everything.

I would say that the reaction from my friends and family amazed me the most as they noticed such a difference in how I started to act and that I was generally happier in myself. Also to be able to go for a meal and be able to eat which may seem very small but to me it was a very big deal.

I would say that you are an amazing person. I felt very comfortable talking to you even though I had never met or spoken to you before. I felt that you made me feel like I wasn’t being over the top or dramatic about how I was feeling. You also have a non-judgemental attitude which makes you feel very much at ease.

I cannot believe how much it has helped me, and if I start to feel anxious or low I listen to a recording and this helps me. I have also since had hypnotherapy for my sleep and biting my nails with Emma which has also helped me further.


Kate – wanted help with the birth of her second child

My session with Emma transformed my feelings about childbirth, and I’m confident the hypnotherapy was in large part responsible for my quick and positive labour experience.

Having had a long and difficult birth with my first baby (3 days of pain!), I asked Emma for help even though I was sceptical about hypnotherapy. We had a good chat about how I wanted my labour to be this time, and Emma quickly created a 10 minute recording for me to listen to before I went to sleep each night.

It was so easy! I just switched on the podcast before sleep every night for the 2 weeks before I was due. Again – on first listen I was sceptical about the ‘easy and quick’ labour the recording talked about, but to my surprise, within a few days I really started believing it. I found it relaxing and comforting to listen to, and starting putting it on before my lunchtime nap in the final week too.

I found that the way I talked about my impending labour was more positive when anyone asked about how I was feeling. I was amazed at how quickly I internalised the recording, and how much more positive and confident I felt as a result. This in turn led to me being very clear with my family and partner and midwives about what I wanted to  happen when I was in labour (to be on my own, somewhere dark and quiet, for as long as possible!).

So, when my contractions started, I put the recording on again, and kept listening to it over and over to relax me. I had 12 hours of pain free contractions, then a couple of hours of ‘powerful’ contractions, then my lovely big baby boy (10lb)  was born naturally. It was exactly as I’d described my ideal birth to Emma during the session.

I’m still using the relaxation techniques I learned from Emma to help with post-natal recovery and breast-feeding.

Having been a cynic, I am now a total convert and recommend Emma to anyone – she is a genius. Having a baby is such a momentous thing – give yourself the best chance of a positive experience for you, your partner and your baby, by trying hypnotherapy with Emma.


Estelle, 13 years old – was looking for help with anxiety 

I often got stressed and found it difficult to sleep before tests. I found that Emma’s recordings really helped me to feel less stressed, as her voice was very calm and it helped me focus on other things. This helped me to let go of anxiety and then to sleep. Now I listen to them before a stressful test and it really helps.


Isaac, 11 years old – was looking for help with sleep 

I was having problems waking up at night and not getting back to sleep. Emma made me a recording I could listen to when I couldn’t sleep. I didn’t use it every night, just when I wasn’t able to sleep. It made me put my mind off things I found scary or sad, because Emma would talk me through different steps to think about me getting tired. This helps me sleep and I still listen to Emma when have problems getting to sleep.


Christine – was seeking help for her ulcerative colitis

I was looking to see if hypnotherapy could help keep my colitis on an even keel.  I had got to a point with my colitis that whilst I knew how to medicate when sick, I was struggling to keep myself on an even keel – not actually getting sick when something in life was difficult. I was very open to trying hypnotherapy, I had tried various medications or probiotics and felt like there was nothing to lose. I have had colitis for 16 years.  The way colitis had affected my life over the years varied but the tiredness I had from my body struggling had huge impacts on my career as an opera singer. It is very hard to say with colitis how it is as it often isn’t as obvious as other conditions.  However, I can definitely say that over the past few months when life has turned into a whirlwind, as well as the huge amounts of food that Christmas brings (a time when I normally get very sick), my colitis was manageable.  It didn’t fall of the precipice that it often feels like it has done. It is difficult to say when I started to notice improvements but just listening to the nightly recording gave a calm feeling very quickly. This has meant that life is easier and can take a more regular pace, instead of having to take time off.  I was amazed how easily I relaxed.


Louise – was looking for help with a couple of issues.

My sessions with Emma were focussed, fascinating and effective.

I needed some help with working out why a situation was having such a major effect on me and what was stopping me from moving forward.

Not only did my sessions with Emma help me find out the root causes, they neutralised them. Having a recording helped take the sessions onto another level, such that it’s difficult to remember what the problem was, let alone why it affected me so deeply and painfully


Deborah – was looking for help with a fear of motorway driving.

Emma helped me with my fear of motorway driving. She was kind, considerate and put me at my ease very easily. She is a good listener and the session went very  well. I had instant benefit from it and continue to do so. Emma also supplied me with a audio recording which helps me on an ongoing basis. Emma also tested my son with similarly successful results. I have no hesitation in recommending her.


Felicity – was looking for help with a couple of issues.

Emma has the gift of being totally present for people, with immense kindness, understanding, compassion and support.


Louise – was looking for help with anxiety about her second pregnancy and birth.

I asked Emma to help me feel more positive and less anxious about my second pregnancy and birth. I felt confident she would be able to help as Emma is the most positive and supportive person I know. Emma made a recording for me to listen to in the weeks leading up to the date my baby was due. Emma’s calm and reassuring voice is instantly relaxing and I also listened to the recording at night to help me sleep. I was able to feel less anxious about my birth experience and focus more on looking forward to having a happy and healthy baby, which I ultimately did. In the end my delivery did not go to plan for medical reasons but Emma’s support meant I felt much better in the time leading up to the day my baby was born.