I am a massive Liverpool FC fan and last month we won the Premier League title for the first time in our history and the first time we have won the league title in 30 years (in case you are interested it became the Premier League in 1992). As you may understand this was an emotional time for the supporters. The evening we won the title our manager, the wonderful Jürgen Klopp, was interviewed and he got emotional and had to walk away from the interview. We know we live in a society where crying is seen as something us women do and that is okay but it is a bit awkward but men shouldn’t cry as it shows they are weak. However this is something I have always thought was ridiculous as both men and women are human and care as much as each other and crying is a natural and healthy reaction. Thankfully society is changing and we are realising it is okay for men and women to cry and not a weakness and actually it is a healthy thing to do.

We now know that suppressing our emotions is not good for us. The word disease even means lack of ease so it is no wonder our bodies start playing up when we are stressed or try to conceal how we feel emotionally. Those of us who cry know the sense of relief we can feel when we do as we let out how we feel and the associated pain. Crying helps us let out and acknowledge our feelings, it can let others know we need help and it can help us self soothe.

I would much rather the men I care about let their emotions out and cried when they were moved by good and bad things happening and hope that all men will feel comfortable with doing that soon and there will be no differentiation between the sexes.

Jürgen Klopp is not just unusual for showing his emotions (though he did admit to feeling overwhelmed & surprised by them). He always show his support for his players, like a fan he may be frustrated if they miss a good opportunity but he immediately encourages them after that. He has a brilliant sense of humour which fans and the media enjoy. He appreciates the wonderful history of our club and was gracious enough to thank and say the win was for our previous manager, Sir Kenny Dalglish, and our previous captain, local legend, Steven Gerrard. As a result he is that rare example of a football manager who is loved not just by the fans of the clubs that he has managed but by opposition fans, and like every other Liverpool fan I am so glad he chose to be our manager and will always be grateful for the smiles he put on our faces during this strange time we are living through due to the pandemic and the fact he showed the world that real men do cry. He is an incredible leader and person and if we were all more like him I am sure the world would be a better place.

Take care and keep safe and if you need anything please reach out and don’t suffer in silence. To pinch the words of my team’s anthem and one of my life mantras, You’ll never walk alone.

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