Free support to key workers and their families during the Coronavirus pandemic

I know the news is very bleak at the moment but I would remind you all that there are many amazing people doing incredible things to keep us all safe and happy and we need to practice gratitude and look for the positive each day. Soon I will be sharing tips on how to look after yourselves during this time as together we can get through these trying times.

I have worked with many of my clients over Skype and am offering to work for free with key workers and their families during these unprecedented times and obviously anyone else I can depending on my capacity.

My offer can include simply having a personalised recording for relaxation/ sleep/ removing traumatic memories/ anxiety or just a chat to offload. I can also help families who are having to spend time apart which is obviously tough & worrying. I am also happy to work with those families who can’t be with dying loved ones.

So please spread the word and contact me via if you want support.

Take care and look out for each other



New packages launching July 2018 & 1st price increase in over 2.5 years

From speaking to clients I can see that whilst some relish the speed of my therapy and are delighted to only need one or two sessions, others are put off by this. This is particularly the case for people who are used to more traditional therapies or who have had other packages of hypnotherapy that have failed and so they would prefer more ongoing support. I am therefore delighted to launch some package options. Due to the personalised nature of my work there will be a limit on how many of these packages will be available each month. I am happy to create bespoke packages depending on your needs. Please call me so we can work out the best package for you.

Options include 3 or 6 month packages, where you will have one session a month. This is ideal for people that have multiple things they would like to resolve or because they want to build on the success of the 1st session. You will receive different monthly bespoke recordings that are yours to keep. After listening to your bespoke recording for 3 weeks we will have a follow up call of 1 hour in which we discuss the plan for the next session and I will provide you with any coaching/ accountability help you require. You also can have optional 30 minute phonecalls for the weeks without a session, to deal with anything that comes up from the session or recording. Unlimited email support throughout the 3 month period.

A Family and friends package is available for the above packages – this is where 2 people start the same length packages in the same month.  I have been told that many partners & friends feel left out when their partners/friends are listening to the recordings and transforming so why don’t you make some changes at the same time whilst supporting each other and keeping each other on track. They have to be started within the same month and be the same length packages.

These packages are available for face to face work and/or a combination of face to face and Skype but please call for prices.

Payment will be required prior to starting our work together but payment plans are available for all of the packages, please contact me for details or if you want any further information.

 My prices haven’t changed since I started but I am now reluctantly increasing my prices. Skypnosis sessions will cost £275 and face to face sessions will cost £325. 



“Calm, happy mum to be” package launching June 2018

Having had the pleasure of working with a number of expectant mums I have been fortunate to see the numerous and powerful benefits of Rapid Transformational Therapy for getting them into the right psychological place before the birth. Some have also returned for my help in their new roles and have listened to their bespoke recording for continued relaxation benefits. Consequently I have decided to offer the Calm, happy mum to be package.

Take the pressure off yourself or a loved one who is expecting a baby and treat yourself or them to a “Calm, happy mum to be” package. Included in this package are 2 sessions to be used within 6 months from the date of purchase. You will receive a bespoke recording to keep from both sessions. What we cover in the sessions is completely up to you and can include, but is not limited to:

  • Being calm and confident about giving birth
  • Confidence after giving birth
  • Help remove anxiety and/or guilt about returning to work
  • Help dealing with lack of good quality sleep
  • Maintaining your sense of identity
  • Maintaining your relationship
  • Not feeling guilty about self care

Please call if you would like to discuss this package.


I am privileged to have been included with some of my favourite organisations in an article about happiness in issue 5 of Breathe magazine by GMC publications. I have been fortunate enough to attend and run an Action for Happiness course and I believe that everyone would benefit from this course. Even if you are already happy and know the experts included in the course you will benefit from meaningful discussions with new friends. It is also highly likely that you will get to see some of your fellow course participants grow in confidence and have increased happiness which is always a fantastic sight.

Breathe magazine article




Thank you so much for visiting my website.

In this section I will update you on the new projects I am working on. I will also share with you anything I think might be of interest.

If you are feeling unsure of hypnotherapy I can understand. I was like you at first. However that was before I saw the method I was trained in first hand. I was amazed as I saw people’s posture, colour, confidence and language change in front of me. One of my 13 year old clients put it perfectly when she said “It’s like magic”, it really is. I have been fortunate enough to see clients have eureka moments when they identify the root of longstanding unhelpful beliefs they have about themselves which they have spent years trying to reach. Please don’t let your scepticism stop you from achieving fantastic results yourself.  Call me for a chat and we can talk through your fears.

Please get in touch with your questions and any feedback you have.

Take care and I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Wishing you great health and happiness.