As we know life as we know it has changed for now. To get through these difficult times we need to pull together and help each other with encouragement and by sharing helpful tips. I will be sharing my tips over the coming weeks and hope to bring together other wellbeing experts to help keep us as psychologically and physically fit as possible despite all the restrictions we are facing.

I would recommend we all prioritise our self care plan. This should be what we turn to on the really tough days, such as watching something funny, calling a loved one, listening to some uplifting music, exercising. Basically it is something that lifts our soul. I will talk more about it soon and in the meantime I would love to hear what works for you. We will also all need to come up with new routines for our days as having some structure helps us feel better.I would also recommend we call our loved ones for video calls so we can see and hear each other and thus feel connected. Tell people what they mean to you whilst you still can, none of us know what is round the corner. Where possible we should be helping others and this can be as simple as checking on an older neighbour. I volunteer for the brilliant North London Cares who are a community network of young professionals and older neighbours spending time together and helping one another in our rapidly changing city. They have obviously had to suspend their face to face work but everyone involved has been working hard and getting creative to work out other ways of keeping everyone connected. I have been moved by how grateful my older friends have been when I have called to check on them and see if they need anything. They all have to stay in where possible at the moment and many of them also live alone and have a lot of time to think about their fears. I have also loved seeing how much concern and love my younger friends have for all our friends. This week I have been collating stories, messages, uplifting pictures and a quiz from older and younger neighbours to be included in a pack the charity are sending out to remind everyone that we are still a family and have been impressed by everyone’s involvement and creativity. The love everyone feels shines through and we have all commented on what a support that is at the moment and we are certainly going to treasure our next catch up when we are finally allowed to meet up. I was proud to be invited back on to the Robert Elm’s show (my favourite radio show) on BBC Radio London to talk about the changes since I was last invited on as an Unsung Londoner. I hope that by raising awareness we may raise more funds to help with this vital work as the isolation social distancing will cause could be very dangerous to all of our health. I also hope it will show any pensioners feeling isolated that there are still people who care for them. I always recommend doing something for someone else where you can as it benefits that person and makes you feel better and sometimes forget your own problems.

I know the news is very bleak at the moment but I would remind you all that there are many amazing people doing incredible things to keep us all safe and happy. I have worked with many of my clients over Skype and am offering to work for free with key workers and their families during these unprecedented times and obviously anyone else I can depending on my capacity so please spread the word.

Take care and keep well,
Best wishes,


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