It is amazing what one person’s belief can do to another. I have seen this first hand over the years. From A-Level results day when a friend called me after calling his family to tell me he got an A in a subject he had really struggled with and I was thrilled for him. To which he replied, “you were the only one who believed in me, my family told me to stop messing and tell them the truth”. How sad and damaging that could be & it rather spoilt his day. Other times with friends and staff it has been giving them the confidence to go for something they felt was out of reach and delighting in their success and being thanked for my belief in them. I have also been lucky to have friends and family who believe I could do things I could easily have talked myself out. So a big thank you to all of them, they know who they are.

I see it now as a therapist. Some clients and potential clients call me, I listen to their concerns and then give them a couple of tips and that is enough for them to sort things out on their own or at least feel so much better whilst waiting for our appointments.

All any of us want is to be listened to and have someone supporting us and believing we can achieve things we see as impossible. On this World Suicide Prevention Day, it is an important reminder that something so simple and effortless for us can be life changing for someone else. It is essential when someone is suicidal that we encourage them to talk without judgement and stop them from making a permanent decision for a temporary problem. Like in so many situations we often only need to listen we don’t need to offer a solution. Be a supporter for others as you will help them and in turn that makes you feel good and more confident too.

If you are suicidal or worried about someone who is please reach out to someone. There are a number of great organisations out there to help including the Samaritans see

Belief in ourselves is also important and encourages others too. See my previous post on 3 powerful words to use daily

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