We all have mental health but for some reason there is a stigma around talking about it, though thankfully that is improving. No one really thinks twice when they talk about their physical health and what they do to stay fit. However, people often don’t talk about what keeps them mentally fit or when they are struggling and this needs to change for all our sakes. The things I do to keep myself mentally well include listening to music, talking to friends about things that make me happy and sad, sharing a nice cup of tea and some chocolate digestives with a loved one, going for a walk and meditating. Anyway, you get the gist. These are all simple things that don’t cost much if anything, but the benefits are massive for both me and the people I care about.

Today’s World Mental Health Day is focusing on workplace wellbeing, something I have always been passionate about. We spend so much of our time at work so I feel it is always important to get on with your colleagues and have a laugh with them. Over the years I have worked with some colleagues and bosses who think that is ridiculous. However, I know from all my previous roles and especially my management roles, that humour, respect and compassion all resulted in more effective and productive teams, as well as making it more enjoyable for everyone. I feel extremely lucky that a number of my best friends are ex-colleagues and an ex-boss so thank you to them for brightening up my life inside and out of work.

So what will you do to improve wellbeing at work? My suggestions include making a cup of tea for at least one colleague, inviting a colleague out for lunch and getting to know them as a person (you never know they may become best mates) or bringing in some biscuits or fruit for your colleagues. It is also important to ask a colleague if they are alright if they are behaving differently and really listen to their answer.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do for yourself and others and enjoy watching the ripple effect.

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