I hope you are all well and that you are prioritising having some fun most days. I know it isn’t always possible but it is so important for your wellbeing and is part of the self care revolution we are now seeing. I have had a lovely day catching up with a friend. We both took the day off work and met up for a yummy brunch and chat, no better way to spend International Day of Happiness. I am blessed with the most amazing friends who never cease to amaze, inspire and amuse me and they always feature in my gratitude list.

I also know not everyone is as lucky as me and that we are in the midst of a loneliness epidemic at the moment. However there are numerous brilliant organisations out there trying to change this. One of them that I am extremely proud to volunteer for is the wonderful North London Cares. Volunteering for them doesn’t feel like volunteering, rather it is catching up with friends old and new. Seeing my NLC friends is always a source of happiness and a highlight of my week, as reiterated by some great new software I am helping test which gets you to record your perfect moments. I am looking forward to celebrating a NLC friend’s birthday this week and then attend their photography club and seeing some other friends. Having these things to look forward to is important too.

I love hearing your responses to my blog posts so keep letting me know by email or commenting and let me know what makes you happy.

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