Many companies are now realising the importance of looking after the wellbeing of their staff, knowing that if they contribute to this their staff will be happier, have fewer days off sick, be more productive, thus leading to higher staff retention and creating a better atmosphere for everyone. This is something I have always been passionate about and done for the teams I have worked in and managed and I have enhanced my offering with my therapy training.

I predominantly work one to one with clients so that I can focus fully on the individual and deal with their particular problem areas. However what is great about the method I use is that it can be used just as successfully with groups.

In groups  there would be an agreed theme to the session, for example self esteem. I would usually guide the group through a group therapy session and get them to process their answers to my questions internally. Obviously if something came up that they wanted specific help with they could come and work 1:1 with me after the group session. There is something particularly powerful about the group work as the attendees can then support each other afterwards and point out when bad habits and unhelpful self talk are reappearing as they would all be aware of them. Group attendees would still receive a recording to listen to for 21 consecutive days and in times of crisis however it wouldn’t be personalised but it will be very powerful and effective.

A series of group sessions can be put together depending on your requirements. A package could also be created for group work and individual sessions.

Every group session is different so I would come up with a proposal, which includes pricing, after our initial discussion.

I would love to come and work with your organisation and am happy to discuss with you the various options and tailor the session to your personal needs.

If you have any other questions please contact me directly on 07491 818 373 or via