For your convenience the most common questions I am asked are answered here.

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Q: What is hypnosis like?

 A: It is the state you are in when you get somewhere and cannot remember how you got there. It is also like having a chat with your eyes shut whilst feeling totally relaxed. If you are familiar with meditation it is similar to a guided meditation. You are fully in control and can bring yourself out of the hypnotic state at any point.

Q: How much does a session cost?

A: Often when you have hypnotherapy you will be expected to book a block of sessions so whilst the individual sessions will be cheaper the overall cost will be much bigger and from what my clients have told me they have been a waste of time and money. The advantage of the method I use is that most issues only require one session. This one off transformational session costs from £275 for Skype sessions and £325 for face to face sessions in London. Included in this fee is a 90 minute session, a bespoke recording which is yours to keep and follow up via email/telephone.

Psychologically I understand you think you are getting better value for money by having more sessions for your money if you go with another therapist however I have had many clients who have done that and are frustrated that nothing changed. I will save you time and money so you can spend more time living the life you want free from the pain of your greatest challenge. Working with me for one session will cost you less than 6 months of coffees on the way to work but we all know which investment will transform your life more. I also don’t want you to have to keep going over something painful, I would rather we talk about it once and for all and then remove the emotional charge so it no longer impacts you. We can’t change the past but we can change the impact it has on our futures.

Some issues may benefit from an additional session but this can be discussed after the initial session and the 3 weeks of listening to your bespoke recording. Packages are available for those that want ongoing support, please contact me for further details and we can work together on whatever you require.

Q: What is in my recording and do I have to listen to it for 3 weeks?

A: Your bespoke recording is personalised for you and is about the specific challenges we worked on. It will include the new habits and beliefs you want to take on as covered in your session. It will last between 10 and 20 minutes. Taking on new habits is always hard and research shows that if you repeat a new activity every day for 3 weeks you should have “rewired” your brain so that the new activity becomes an automatic habit. Consequently you don’t have to listen, but if you do you are enhancing and embedding the new habits and beliefs and making the session even more effective. Listening just before you go to sleep is a great time so there isn’t really an excuse not to listen. You will also have this recording to listen to if something happens that unsettles you.

Q: I am not based in London so can you help me?

A: Yes, I offer Skypnosis sessions. These are in exactly the same format but over Skype and having worked with a number of clients this way it has proved that these sessions are just as effective as face to face ones.

Q: Do you work with children?

A: Yes I do. I have worked with children with sleep issues, anxiety, fears and phobias and helped with exam success. Some of the children have successfully used what I taught them to help with other issues as and when they came up which is fantastic. As I have said before hypnosis and changing our self talk is a life skill.