Last month I was privileged to run 2 workshops for over 500 primary school children as part of the Now and beyond Inside out day during Children’s Mental Health Week. Beyond were founded by the brilliant Jonny Benjamin MBE and Neil Laybourn and the organisation exists to challenge and change the mental health status quo.

One of the aims of the festival was to remind young people to be kind always and think of others as no one knows how someone is feeling inside. I was so impressed by the observations from the children, including one child who said they had learnt that what matters isn’t what you can see but inside us. Another child said she couldn’t wait to tell their parents to make a happy plan (one of the activities I had given the children to do). One of the teachers who was at school with a class said that in her group the children were giggling, smiling, laughing and sharing stories as they did the activities. However, the highlight of the day for me was one child saying they now believed in themselves for the first time ever. That really made my day and put a big smile on my face.

One of the reasons I love working with children is that they don’t have any of the misconceptions about mental health, self help or hypnosis. They are keen to learn and are able to apply their learning to different situations. I also feel that if we equip them with skills about how to look after themselves and others we are saving them from years of therapy and missed opportunities later in life. I certainly wish my friends and I had learnt these skills at school, as they are life skills and so something we can all benefit from and use on a daily basis to improve our lives.

I am looking forward to running more workshops for schools and if you would like me to work with your school or organisation do please get in touch and we can create something that is specific to your needs. You can email me via

Take care and keep being kind to others as you never know how much that other person needs your kindness.

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  • Philippa

    This is so encouraging to read, thank you. Building on emotional skills when young is key – children experience new things all the time so there is openness to learn and hardwire positive responses. Sounds like these children had a great opportunity (as did all involved) and lets hope this kind of meaningful work can be rolled out for all schools. I would value this over lots of things in the school curriculum!

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